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Request a Consultation

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What can we do for you?

Are you currently dealing with a subject who has the potential to turn to violence? The Threat Hub Subject Matter Experts and participating agencies in your area can assist, free of charge. The Threat Hub offers counselors, managers, and threat assessment teams the opportunity to discuss their case with a multi-disciplinary team of experts. Working together and drawing on everyone's experiences and expertise, we can explore a variety of intervention, treatment, and/or management options to mitigate the potential threat of violence before it reaches a point of no return.

What are the ground rules?

Discretion, respect for subject privacy, and observation of case management etiquette are key elements of this consultative service. 

  • We strongly discourage the disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information or other identifying aspects of the subject during consultative discussions;

  • We do not maintain a formal "record" of the case, nor do we offer post-consultative written opinions or guidance;

  • We strongly adhere to the principle of "no jumping, no dumping." No one brought in to consult on your case will claim jurisdiction over it; no one who brings a subject case for consultation can pass it off to participating Threat Hub consultants.

What do we ask of you?

To request consultative support, we ask that you reach out using our Threat Hub Engagement Request form. As a condition of receiving these free consultative services, the Threat Hub asks that you confirm your willingness to abide by the guidelines for participation. A full copy of the Threat Hub "Structure and Operation" participation agreement can be accessed here.  Your acknowledgement on the consultation request form will be accepted in lieu of an actual signature on the document.

Please note that we cannot accept consultation requests that originate from private email accounts. Please use an official organizational email for all interactions with the Threat Hub.

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